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The Auveco Body Hardware and Specialty Fastener
Master Print Catalog Is Available

The new Auveco Master Catalog containing over 20,000 items in 800+ pages is now available in print and on-line. This latest edition contains the "World's Largest Selection of Automotive Body Hardware and Specialty Fasteners" for servicing the Automotive, PBE, Industrial and MRO markets. The catalog is considered The Encyclopedia Of The Automotive Body Hardware Industry.

Numerous improvements were incorporated to make the catalog as easy as possible to use which resulted in key features such as:

Catalogs are available only through authorized Auveco distributors. To find a distributor in your area, please contact our customer service department at either (800) 354-9816 (Menu Option #1) or (859) 341-6450 (Menu Option #1) or by sending us an e-mail.

Prefer to browse our new catalog online? All you need is Adobe Acrobat Reader to view our entire catalog in pdf format!

Please click here to download the catalog.

If you wish to browse the products that we offer, look up O.E.M numbers, or Competitor part numbers, click on the eCommerce Login Link.

The Auveco Green Catalog Available

It Pays To Go Green - With The Auveco Green Package Line.

The Auveco Master Catalog with over 700 pages is regarded as THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE AUTOMOTIVE BODY HARDWARE INDUSTRY. A catalog of this magnitude can be overwhelming. So we’ve boiled down our massive product line of over 18,000 items to our brand new extremely handy (Mini) AUVECO GREEN CATALOG (part number GR-CAT).

Since it contains less than 1/5th the number of pages of the master catalog, the AUVECO GREEN CATALOG not only saves on paper but it presents over 1,700 of the most popular Auveco part numbers divided by product group into 45 different sections in a clear, concise format that makes it quick and easy to find the right part.

The AUVECO GREEN CATALOG features trilingual verbiage (English, Spanish and French-Canadian) and includes actual size pictures of all the products, O.E.M. numbers, pertinent specifications, dimensions, colors, plating information, etc.; all of which aids in identifying the correct Auveco part numbers and unit package quantities. The AUVECO GREEN CATALOG takes the guess work out of identifying Body Hardware and Specialty Fasteners.

There are 378 items with a symbol which indicates these items are included on the Auveco DB-370 Plus Display Boards. The DB-370 Plus is a program of recommended stocking items for all of our Distributors.

We included the “AP” AuvecoPak part number wherever applicable for those customers that have the AuvecoPak Retail Merchandiser.

Order your copies of the AUVECO GREEN CATALOG today.

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Now is an EXCELLENT time to promote FasTrack Web Cost Recovery Application To your Body Shop Customers.


As a special incentive to introduce more Body Shops to the advantages of using the new and improved FasTrack Web Collision Repair Cost Recovery System, Auveco is offering TWO MONTHS of FREE ACCESS to the full features of the application.  If you have never considered FasTrack Web, or if you had a negative experience with the old PC based FasTrack Pro version, now is the time to try this popular Internet-based application that is being used successfully in thousands of shops across the country.

For a limited time Distributors can direct interested shops to a special sign-in page where they can create a login that will allow them to experience all the benefits of the FasTrack Web Application.  Then the Shop can utilize the application to start recovering the cost of the clips and fasteners used in a collision repair job.  This will make the shop more profitable and enhance loyalty to their servicing Auveco Distributor. 

There are no strings attached to this offer.  If the shop decides the application is not for them, the free access ends after two months.  If the shop decides to continue to use the application, all that is needed is the Distributor’s order and we will bill the Distributor for a full year’s subscription at a nominal price. This price is a bargain for an application that is right now recovering thousands of dollars for shops that were giving away clips and fasteners.

This is not a stripped down demo version of FasTrack Web.  This offer allows access to all the features of the application including Repair Order Supplemental Invoicing, Inventory Control, Reporting, and access to the most complete/most up to date offering of Collision Repair Clips and Fasteners.

All you need to do is direct your shops to and the “Two Month Free Trial Offer” link above.  The Body Shop person fills out a simple form and is immediately granted access to the site.  From information collected from the form Auveco will direct the shop’s business to their current Auveco Distributor.  There is no need for the Distributor to become an expert in the use of the application.  The FasTrack Web Free Trial customer will be taken through a short on-line video to explain the basic use of FasTrack Web.  They will also have access to the all Help Menu documentation which explains in detail all of the features of the application.

Not familiar with New FasTrack Web or all the features and benefits it has to offer your Body Shop Customers. Click the following link FastrackWeb Introduction to find out all the exciting details about the New FasTrack Web.

To repeat…Now is an EXCELLENT time to promote FasTrack Web Cost Recovery Application with your Body Shop Customers.  Contact Mike Abrams with any questions about FasTrack Web or this limited time promotion. 

(Phone:  800-354-9816 x103; email:

eCommerce / B2B Site Now Available

We are excited to introduce our brand new B2B e-commerce website available exclusively to our distributors.

Start Ordering OnLine!

Save Money Now! We are offering a 2% discount for all orders placed through our new B2B site!

Body Hardware Master Program

Auveco presents a complete program that provides a body shop with all the popular body hardware and specialty items (both domestic and foreign) in heavy gauge steel, pre-labeled and preloaded large drawers and cabinets. Based on Auveco's Display Boards, the Body Hardware Master Program (part number 6600BHM) contains one unit package box quantity each of 405 part numbers and two unit package box quantities of 20 other top selling items. That's over 21,000 pieces. Display Boards are not included.

The 6600BHM also includes a 1 year subscription to Auveco's FasTrack Web Cost Recovery Software.

Download the Flyer

AuvecoPak Retail Program

AuvecoPak is "The Body Hardware & Fastener Retail Package Program for the PBE Jobber". The AuvecoPak AP448L or AP448S provide a Jobber with 448 of the fastest moving, most popular automotive body hardware and specialty fasteners in a one-price bag all on one 7-panel merchandiser.

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